Tips on Ways to Clean a Coffee Pot

Cleaning a coffee pot has a lot of ways depending on the type of pot you have in your home which you want to clean. Coffee pots can vary greatly on the design – that and the type – greatly contributes to how you can clean it. If the coffee pot you bought is of high quality, the cleaning options are usually explained clearly as part of its manual information sheet. Eventually as the coffee stains accumulate, it becomes tough to clean so it is best to develop a habit of cleaning the coffee pot immediately and regularly after use. Below are different options of coffee pot cleaning depending on the type of coffee pot you have at home.

Is it the conventional, regular coffee pot type?

The following are easy things you can do manually including suggestions on how to learn to do it:

– Create a solution formula that will be used for soaking. Put together your vinegar, dishwashing liquid, wood ash and water in one container. Combine all this ingredients and pour it up to the brink of the coffee pot, cover the coffee pot, and leave the solution on it overnight.
– In the morning, you get a soft scrub and rub it on the inner walls of the coffee pot while the solution is still there.
– While the solution still fills the pot, put the pot in the stove up to the boiling point before switching the stove off.
– Spill the solution over the coffee pot and using more dishwashing liquid, scrub the inner wall of the pot some more with the soft scrub.
– Try to rinse the coffee pot and examine if for any remaining coffee stains. If it still has try rubbing it again with the scrub, dishwashing liquid, and this time add an adequate amount of wood ash.
– Using warm water, rinse your coffee pot exhaustively and make sure there are no more traces of dishwashing liquid.
– Using just plain water on the soft scrub, clean the pot one more time with tap water and scrub it without any active ingredient such as dishwashing liquid. Wash it one more time and dry it by flipping it upside down.

If you have the electric drip type of coffee maker at home, here’s how to clean it:

– Soak the glass pot with a solution of water, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar overnight. What is does is that the vinegar has the capability to soften any residue of coffee stains and at the same time kill any germs that lives in the pot and its filter.
– The first thing that you do in the morning is to operate the coffeemaker as if you are brewing your coffee but this time use the solution that you have soaked on it overnight.
– Once the procedure of brewing has been completed with the use of the solution, do the same procedure using a mixture of water and vinegar this time. This could thoroughly cleanse the remaining greasy substance off the filter section as well as the tube and the glass pot. It is also meant to remove any odor or remaining element of the dishwashing liquid.
– The final procedure which you need to do after the vinegar and water combination is to do the same brewing process using plain water – this is to ensure that any ingredient that you used for cleaning is thoroughly washed out.

Hopefully ‘how to clean a coffee pot‘ article helps you out with your problem in cleaning your coffee pot. As coffee lover, I know that you don’t want your fresh coffee taste is ruined by bad old coffee taste. You can also checkout our site CHECK IT OUT HERE to read our coffee machine reviews.


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